Winterly update on Covid-19

Winterly update on Covid-19

With less than 2 months till June 1st, there are obviously many who wonder how the coming salmon fishing season will turn out. The measurements taken here in Norway to contain the virus are as of today of such a nature that it wouldn’t be possible to run Aunan Lodge as normal. But it is still over 8 weeks till the fishing can start, and we don’t know what the situation will be like by then.


There is some information on how the case might stand when it comes to cancellations and refunds. The product here at Aunan Lodge falls under the definition of a “package travel”, and is therefore governed under the The Package Travel Act.  In this article The Consumer Authority interprets the act to give travellers the right to cancel the trip with a full refund if there are “extraordinary circumstances” which would significantly affect the performance of the travel package.


But how long time in advance before the trip is it reasonable to set the deadline? The Norwegian Hospitality Association have published some reflections on this:  “It is, however, a matter of certainty that we as of today [25th March] don’t know how long the circumstances will remain “extraordinary”. Therefore one can’t assess a situation that lies more than 1-2 weeks ahead in time“.


The current restrictions here in Norway are set to last till April 13th. What the restrictions will be after this date and how long they will last is unknown. The Norwegian government will make new announcements on April 8th on what measures that will be prolonged or possibly lifted after Easter. What the restrictions will be like when we get to June 1st, or August 1st for that matter, will be another story. Also, there will need to be an assessment if the measurements in operation are of such a nature that they make the circumstances “extraordinary”. If the restrictions will have different consequences for foreign or Norwegian travellers is also something that we’ll find out about in due time.


Summed up in short: We’ll have to be patient and wait until we have the right information to conclude on people will be able to travel to Aunan Lodge for their fishing trip or not.


Also, I think it is good to keep in mind that anglers, lodge operators, riparian owners, guides, logistical staff, chefs, and their children and families in turn, in many ways are in this together. Many people rely on income through operating revenue from lodges. It’s uncertain to what extent (if any) insurance or a government bailout will cover some of the potential losses. There will be more fishing seasons to come, and we will all come better out by doing our piece to get through this in the best way possible, for the future of salmon fishing.


As for now, I can in all certainty conclude that the winter is still markedly upon us here in Central Norway, which strengthens the probability of a good water flow this spring. This will in turn make for an effective descent for the migrating smolt, and make it easy for the adult salmon to find its way up river.