Our concept

Aunan Lodge is located on the banks of the river Orkla, where we offer guided salmon fishing with accommodation and full board. A salmon beat of 5,5 km consisting of 18 different pools is quite unique by Norwegian standards (click here for aerial photo). We allow only 12 rods on our waters, which gives our guest the space and variation that the modern salmon fisher look for.

Salmon fishing on the Orkla is very popular, and is available in different forms and at different prices, so that both local anglers and travellers from near and far can find fishing that suits their budget. Aunan Lodge is one of very few that provides a full board arrangement with guides.

The time that people have available to go fishing become more and more scarce, and thereby also very precious. At Aunan Lodge we have a deep respect for this, and we feel humble when people choose to spend this time with us.



Nature; the salmon and weather, can of course not be controlled, but we can influence all the other factors that make for a pleasant experience and lasting memories. Aunan Lodge has comfortable facilities, secludedly located right on the river bank. There is no noise from roads or a railway that will take away the fantastic sensation of being out in the nature.  We put a lot of heart into serving our guests tasty meals, and the skilled chefs at Aunan Lodge have a great selection of local produce to choose from.

The combination of being out in the nature, the facilities and service at the lodge and the food, make sure that you’ll enjoy your time at Aunan Lodge, even if you don’t catch a fish. But, having said that, we’re not trying to fool anyone: Aunan Lodge is a salmon fishing lodge, and the feeling of a wild salmon taking your fly is something that people from all over the world for more than 200 years have travelled to Norway to experience. That’s why our experienced guides are such an important part of our concept, dedicated as they are to maximise the chances of our guests getting in to a fish.



Prices and booking

Both single rods and groups are welcome. Minimum booking is in most cases 3 days, but we do sometimes allow 2 days for groups who book all 12 rods. Arrival and departure days are normally Sundays and Wednesdays, which gives a 3 (Sun-Wed), 4 (Wed-Sun) or 7 days option. Prices start at NOK 3850 per rod per day.


NB: When a group has booked all 12 rods, we also allow spinning.  When we have single rods and smaller groups together at the lodge, it is fly fishing only.