Statement on Covid-19

Statement on Covid-19

The measures taken to contain the corona virus has created a very demanding situation for many people’s everyday life, both at home and at work. First and foremost I have great sympathy for those who have a profile of risking serious illness from the virus, and their closest ones. All the uncertainty and the gloomy news reports must be causing huge concerns for many these days.


For the rest of us there will be many small and big frustrations of practical or economical nature building up over the coming weeks. In the big picture, of course, both the conclusion of the Premier League season and the upcoming salmon fishing in Norway in June are mere trivialities. However, there will still be practical issues in connection with this that there must be found solutions for.


At the moment, Norway has closed its borders and are not allowing access for foreigners unless they have a critical reason for entering the country. We are also asked to avoid travel that are not strictly necessary and to practice social distancing. Under such conditions it will be impossible for our guests to visit Aunan Lodge as normal this summer.


Skelpick Lodge, with River Naver in the background


Hopefully these restrictions will be lifted by the time the salmon fishing starts here in June, but in the worst case, the situation might surely last throughout the summer. As uncertain everything is at the moment, rushing to conclude and to nail down detailed alternative plans for the season as a whole and for individual bookings seems almost futile. I am planning on using the coming days and weeks to gather myself from what has taken place, and assess relevant advice that is being given, investigate insurance terms etc., and I advice our guests to do the same. Then we can arrive at conclusions in due time.


Both me as the owner of Aunan Lodge, my staff, guests and suppliers will be affected by the strict restrictions on travel and socialization that are being carried out at the moment. Should this summer’s salmon fishing end up being heavily affected by Covid-19, my position is that we must all think in a solidary manner, and land in a place where burdens are shared in a fairest way possible. I am confident that we’ll find good solutions to this, if need be.


In the meantime I wish everyone good health and good luck in the new and strange circumstances of everyday life. I also hope that everyone are doing their utmost to comply with the advice we are given by the authorities.


All the best.



PS: The pictures are from my recent trip on The Naver in Scotland. I returned last Friday, and am currently (symptom free) at the Aunan farm in day 5 of the mandatory 14 day home quarantine for citizens who have returned from international travel. And for those of you who might wonder: No, I did – of course – not catch any springers, as I almost never have on my many spring trips to Scottish salmon rivers. But it’s so fantastically nice and enjoyable that I still return year after year anyway ❤️