Goodbye Aunan Lodge! Hello Grindal Salmon Lodge!

Goodbye Aunan Lodge! Hello Grindal Salmon Lodge!

When the salmon fishing season ended on Sep 1st 2020, Aunan Lodge said goodbye to our guests for the very last time. After 17 seasons, Vegard Heggem has decided to end the Aunan Lodge concept and his own role as a tourist host. Vegard is not selling the property, but will be leasing it out to the newly established Grindal Salmon Lodge. This company is set up by Erik Lier, who has worked as a guide at Aunan Lodge the last 4 years. Vegard has no involvement in Grindal Salmon Lodge whatsoever, and his role in the future will solely be as landlord and riparian owner.



Erik Lier has established Grindal Salmon Lodge, and will be leasing buildings and salmon beat from Vegard Heggem.


The Grindal Salmon Lodge concept will be built around the same buildings that Aunan Lodge made use of, and Erik aims to continue the good cooperation with local riparian owners that makes for a 5,5 km long beat with 18 different pools. There is in other words a fair chance that Aunan Lodge regulars will be familiar with the core elements in the new Grindal Salmon Lodge.



We wish Erik Lier and Grindal Salmon Lodge tight lines and the best of luck!


For more information and booking requests:


Erik Lier

+47 928 56 630