Good start to the 2018 season!

Good start to the 2018 season!

The big talk on the Orkla and the Gaula so far has been the conditions, with unusually low water, already from the opening night.  At Aunan we haven’t really suffered because of this, it’s actually more likely to have been on the contrary.


Cameras by the fish counter at Bjørset show that the fish have no problem running at 20 m3/sec, which is the guaranteed minimum water flow that the hydro power company has to observe.  It looks like the fish have moved steadily through the lower parts of the river and spread throughout the system earlier than normal.  With several of the 17 pools at Aunan Lodge fishing beautifully on low water, we have seen plenty of action during the first 3 weeks of the season.


The graph shows that as per 23rd June we’re ahead of 2017, which turned out to be the second best season ever at Aunan. Floating lines and small flies fished with speed has been working well lately.


Thrond Spets managed to land 3 salmon during his recent stay at Aunan, and pictured is his 103 cm cock fish from upper Strupen pool.


Data indicates that there might be a decent run of 2 sea winter salmon on the Orkla this year, and we’re excited to see how our guests get on in the days to come.